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Who Do You Think You Are?

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I love the UK version and am hoping one of the channels here will buy the rights for the US version. especially as ancestry.com keep sending me emails about the episodes each week


never heard of it!


:confused: Have you two met? :P





It's a great show, and I really hope we get the US version eventually. Some of them are very emotional to watch and some are just gobsmacking, they manage to trace so far back or end up in another part of the world

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WDYTYA? US series to air in the UK


Whilst we've had 5 years to enjoy Who Do You Think You are? in Britain, it was only this spring that a US series began on NBC. It's now been revealed that 4 of the episodes will be shown on BBC One, starting on April 25. Ancestry sponsors the series in the US - it will be interesting to see whether this aspect of the programme is airbrushed out when it is shown on public television in the UK.



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Yes, this was my favourite show, And I loved the spice girls when I was a kid, I remember dying my hair red because Ginger was my favourite. And They definitely had good songs, in comparison with some today´s girl bands. It´s a pity that the time passes so fast.

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the line up for the next UK has been announced but no air dates yet.


JK Rowling, June Brown, Alan Carr, Sebastian Coe, Larry Lamb, Emilia Fox, Richard Madeley, Len Goodman, Tracey Emin & Robin Gibb.


found it in the copy of Your Family History magazine which I picked up today

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