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Heeelp Literature Essay!!!!


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Hi Im desperate and anyhting I can get is good

i have to write an essay on what contemporary literature gives to society and to univesity students. I hate the subject but I cant afford to fail this!!

I need articles to quote or anywhere to get support for my arguments, any kind soul???

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What do you mean? Basically review present day literature (21st century?) or why is literature important for contemporary society?

I guessing both,. that is, why or is present day literature important/good for society/our generation?


@ Mig-el:


Did your teacher refer to popular literature (twilight, nicolas sparks etc.) or was he/she more general than that?

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Ehm... I think that literature serves to document what is happening, besides it helps people to express their thoughts and feelings and tell many stories, invented or real. As we can know how people lived in the past, the traditions, the facts, etc, throught many texts written then, people will be able to know our current lifestyle with the suport of contemporary literature.

I hope it helps you.

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