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Spanish who loves The Netherlands and Dutch people who loves Spain: meeting room


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Hi from the Netherlands!


I've been two Spain once, Tarifa. And I'm planning to go to Barcelona (maybe next year)

Barcelona is lovley, this nice I moved here !



PM me if you want any tips etc !

Daryl (BART)

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You are so so welcome! People! Do you talk Spainsh??


Here now at 8 pm it's 23... quite hot too


oh thank you :blush: oh no hablo espanol :laugh4: just few words, but i can understand it


i´ve been in amsterdam once and im visiting my friend from belgium soon :D :D

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Pleeeease let´s forget football!!:cry:

Come on, why don´t we play? It´s about cliches. For example:


When I think in dutch people, I see:


Cold weather

Blue eyes:cool:

Coffee shops

Electronic music


Green landscapes


So now, you can do the same...


When I think in spanish people, I see: (I know, bulls and flamenco...:confused:)

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