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Divx Players Rule


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wheee....it arrived yesterday morning...set it up last night after uni.....and all i can say is wow.


It doesn't play them full screen, but i am told a firmware update shall fix that soon, but i don't mind. i;m used to watching divx on on my 17 inch monitor, not a 28 inch widescreen tv.


The quality, as always, depends on the quality you download. but the usual stuff i get is dvd quality so fucking wow.


It fucking rules..i love it....and it is a multi region dvd player, even plays usa vcd's, so i don't ever need to do any encoding again. unless there is a divx version that the player doesnt supoprt (so far didn't play farscape downloads) but i might try a firware patch and see if that helps...but so far i'm as happy as could be


anyone else got one?


mine is the Umax Yamada 6100


which means i now have a samsung 709 going spare at my house...the very 1st dvd player ever brought in this household..feels stupid to get rid of it...might tell my rents to sell one of theirs and keep my one because theirs will get more and does the same job

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