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Now my feet wont touch the ground guitar


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Hello, i have been haveing problems with this song for awhile and could use some help. i downloaded the sheet music with the guitar boxes and it said it was standard tuneing. but when i play the chords it just sounds a bit off and the chords are not as fluent as the song. i have seen others play it playing it diffrently they are slideing up and down the neck most of the time. can any one give me the tuneing and/or the chords for this song.





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I don't know about the exact chords but this guy does a great job playing the song and he clarifies the tuning at the beginning. Make sure you watch his thumb when he is playing too.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQH88JdiFtc]YouTube- Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground Coldplay cover[/ame]

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