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NME Photography Competition - VOTE FOR COLDPLAY!!


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Hey guys and girls :D


My friend Sophie Lankester got entered into a competition to win a chance to become a professional photographer for NME!


The photo she has entered is an awesome one of Chris (see my profile pic) from the September 19th Wembley show we were both at (amazing :lol:)


So if you want someone with obviously good musical taste and a real talent for photography working for NME you can vote for her here:




This would mean so much to her and I am only asking because I know how generous and caring everybody is here.


Thank you,


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tbh that isn't such a great pose she caught him in


but tbh if this were a more serious/better/something comp they would let us see the picture in a bigger size


Personally, I love the vibrancy and movement in the picture :D and it is pretty special to both me and Soph because it reminds us of the most fantastic night we had at that concert. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74hpuD-8V5Q&feature=related]Wembley 19th - Violet Hill[/ame]


Don't forget, she took this with me dancing and singing like a loony next to her :laugh3: (no easy task i can tell you!)



A huge thank you to everyone who has voted so far. You are all amazing and generous people. I really appreciate your support in trying to help my friend realize a dream x

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I voted, because Coldplayers stick together helping other Coldplayers out, but TBH, the pic isn't enough, not unique enough, I understand it means alot to you both, but NME, would be looking for something unique looking, I could be wrong, I wish her luck, and I did vote for her.:)

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