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Was anyone from the forum at the concert when the "Fix You" video was shot??


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July 14, 2009 - submitted by Ready for July Twenty, Portugal


Q. Fix You video is confusing me. I know when a band makes a music video at a show they do the song twice. With Fix You though, I look at the people in the front row and they are actually different people. So this proves that it wasn't filmed twice in one night (like most music videos). Then I thought, it was filmed at two venues. This cant be true since it as the same place in all shots. What is going on Mr. Oracle? How did Coldplay film the Fix You video?



The Oracle replies:


They played 2 nights at Bolton's Reebok stadium where it was filmed.





Thats all i know :lol:



next era :wacko:


LP5 :D

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