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Carlton Banks

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I don't want to be your friend :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


















































































































I just want to be your lover. :embarrassed:

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I object to AwesomicAtom's monopoly on determining awesomeness. In this sense AwesomeAtom is not unlike the american media, which I perceive to be oppressive and unpleasant. The most important thing that should happen on forums throughout the world is that they should slow down. There's a level of hysteria that's maintained here on alias day, which leads to what I call the 'fire-hose mentality'. The argument that's always given is: that's what the aliases want, people prefer to submit to the arbitrary authority of public figures such as AwesomicAtom, but of course...nobody knows what the aliases want, this is only what they've ever been given.

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I understand, you lack the patience demanded by my work which may be grounded in a misunderstanding of the purpose, nature and goal of ambient music, which historically stems back to erik satie's 'furniture music', a concept which I applied to my own creations to make them as ignorable as they are interesting. That is...to complement and immerse an environment, but not impose on them like that great satan of kitsch known as 'muzak'.


Seeing how my lengthier works are not to your liking, I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this short piece I've been working on for months...


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUbjTapNImM]YouTube- Brian Eno - Microsoft Windows Theme[/ame]

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