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Johnny Buckland's Hat

Divine x Ninja

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these are some that are at least similar to one's Jonny has worn:





i'm pretty sure that he does wear Volcom hats. :thinking: or maybe that's just Chris :P


i remember someone had posted a link once for the exact same hat that he was wearing in this picture:




but i can't seem to find it. :shrug:


edit: fouuunnnddd ittttt! :awesome:







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I saw one in a shop on holiday, I was like "ZOMG it's a Jonny hat!"

I tried it on but it didn't suit me at all - I looked like a train driver.


So does Jonny.:P


In all seriousness though, I think he gets a lot of his hats from them. If you go on the website there are several hats he's been photographed in.

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I've been thinking of making him a hat as a gift for our gig on July 2nd. I wonder if he'd wear it.


There are a few stories about people giving him hats, but none that I know of where he actually wore those hats.

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