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Eye haz itz.




No, seriously, I just got it yesterday, after an online friend of mine (not from here) begged me to get it. I must say, I rather like it.


Anyway, I thought I'd make this thread for all the Skype users to get together and be merry...or maybe it was just me spreading the word of my own Skypeness. I don't know. I was under the impression we had a Skype thread already, but I put it in the search, and nothing came up. If there is a thread like this one that somehow managed to escape the search's grasp, then sorry. :tongue:


Anyway, enough of that. I wanna talk to people. I'm littlepuma17. Search it up, yo.

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I don't believe in skype


Skype doesn't believe in you, either. :snobby:


nothing really I very slow in these things, it took me ages to get how facebook works :blank:




Awww, it's OK. I find it easy to use, so you should get used to it in no time. :smiley:

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