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Jeremy Vile meets his match!!


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Bouncers step in to protect Jeremy Kyle after an angry guest lashes out



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 8:04 PM on 7th October 2010



Talk show host Jeremy Kyle was shaken today after an angry guest hurled an envelope at his head.

The TV presenter had just read the DNA test results to a man named Kev on the ITV show when he lashed out.

Looking visibly shocked as he rubbed his head, Mr Kyle returned to confront the young father, who then threatened to 'knock him out'.


article-1318614-0B857D8E000005DC-566_468x321.jpg Look out: Jeremy Kyle walks away from his guest Kev, unaware of the envelope heading for his head on today's episode of his eponymous name ITV show


Fortunately for the presenter, his burly bouncers were on hand to calm the situation before it got any heated.

Both Kev and his on/off girlfriend Elana were on today's episode, entitled 'Will our relationship survive two lie detector tests and a DNA test'.

The both had accused the other of cheating on each other, with the Kev alleging he caught chlamydia from his girlfriend.

Kev had also questioned the paternity of their baby daughter Holly, but a DNA test proved he was the father.


article-1318614-0B857AB6000005DC-541_468x286.jpg Ouch, that hurt: Kyle reacts when the envelope makes contact on the crown of his head, as his bouncers rush in to restrain Kev



article-1318614-0B835998000005DC-964_468x324.jpg Did it do any damage? Kyle rubs his head and smooth down his disturbed hairstyle as he composes himself


After confirming the baby's biological father, Kyle then threw the envelope to the side of the stage, alarming an on-edge Kev.

When he asked Mr Kyle why he threw the envelope away, the presenter replied: 'It's an envelope,' prompting laughter from the audience.

Clearly in the mood for an argument, he said: 'You don't have to look at me like that man.'

A bemused Kyle then retrieved the envelope from one of the show's runners and marched it over to Kev, dropping it in his lap.


article-1318614-0B835764000005DC-497_468x413.jpg Calm down: The presenter tries to reason with his angry guest, who threatens to 'knock you out'


Kyle said: 'You might have heard of [budget] cuts at ITV but you can have the damn envelope if you want it. There you are.

'If you could be as good a father as you are envelope collector, the world would be...'

As he walked away with his back to Kev, the presenter was soon cut short by the envelope being hurled at his head and bouncing off his crown.

Within seconds, two burly bouncers jumped on stage to calm him down and return him to his seat.

After being returned to his seat, Kev complained: 'If you throw it at me, I throw it at you. Your mum.'


article-1318614-0B8359CF000005DC-760_468x286.jpg Rocky romance: Kev had accused his girlfriend Elana of cheating on him and had questioned whether he was the biological father of their child


Clearly shaken as he smooth down his pristine hairstyle, Kyle return to confront Kev, saying: 'It's really mature isn't it, being you?'

Kev replied: 'I'll give you mature in a minute mate... with your big mans (sic) stood beside you, innit?'

After Kyle urged him to 'concentrate on the truth', Kev said: 'Because the truth hurts innit.'

As an incredulous Kyle tried to tell the young man he should be happy after finding out he's the father, Kev hit back: 'Well I'm not happy with you talking to and looking at me like that. I tell ya, I will knock you out.'

After finally calming down, Kev was delighted to find out his girlfriend had been faithful to him, but attempted to deny his lie detector results that he had cheated on her.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1318614/Bouncers-step-protect-Jeremy-Kyle-angry-guest-lashes-out.html#ixzz11hp8AcRA

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I actually quite like Jeremy Kyle, he can be a bit annoying sometimes, like when he shouts and acts for the cameras. Still, he has to deal with alot of total scumbags that are too stupid to work out the most basic things in life (like having a baby and then having to support it). This made me laugh though and I really want to see the actual clip, im gonna check youtube.

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