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The Dragons' Den reject who made a £400,000 killing


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The Dragons' Den reject who made a £400,000 killing



By Mail On Sunday Reporter

Last updated at 8:38 AM on 10th October 2010



He was dropped as a Dragons’ Den panellist three years ago. But now he has made a business killing to rival anything achieved by the programme’s contestants.

Richard Farleigh earned an astonishing £400,000 profit on a £200,000 loan – in three months.

The deal is the latest coup for Mr Farleigh, the son of an Australian sheep-shearer who has made a £50 million fortune through astute investments.


article-1319186-0B8C5B60000005DC-70_468x286.jpg Midas touch: Richard Farleigh with wife Camilla


The 49-year-old first featured on Dragons’ Den, the BBC show in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a group of multi-millionaires, in 2006.

He was dropped 12 months later and was then replaced by venture capitalist James Caan.

Mr Farleigh made his profit out of Oxonica, a nanotechnology firm. Last spring, the company’s directors realised they needed an emergency injection of money to avoid administration. Mr Farleigh, who chairs the company, agreed to hand over the sum – but only after negotiating a ‘redemption premium’ of double his loan.

The company was so desperate that it agreed. When it then managed to sell a subsidiary to an American company in August, it was able to repay his money with a 200 per cent profit.

Asked if this was an example to Dragons’ Den contestants, Mr Farleigh said: ‘A gambler who wins just because he picked red is not necessarily clever. So a person’s investment acumen needs to be judged over a period of time.’



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1319186/The-Dragons-Den-reject-400-000-killing.html#ixzz11wPSyH5K

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What kind of an article is this?


If Duncan Bannatyne only pulled in £400,000 for a quarter he'd be balling his eyes out.


Farleigh was the only decent human being to feature on that program (With maybe Rachel Elnaugh) and that was his problem- he was too nice. The producers didn't want that, they want a **** like James Caan who can stroke his beard all day talking absolute nonsense in full awareness that he's playing with business people's emotions like a cat plays with a mouse- and then doesn't invest, or invests with some fucking shark deal like "If you make me 10 billion pound in the first year then I'll give you the extra £7,000 that you deserve :nice:".

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