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aw man! it's due TOMORROW :(


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talking about exams or assignments or tasks or everything related to college/school. raise your hand IF you guys have those and it's due TOMORROW :sad2:


kinda random stuff.. but it's lounge, so it's fine if i drop by right? :cool:

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I dont have anything thats due tomorrow! But I'm the queen of "ITS DUE TOMORROW!"

If the due its Friday at 11.59pm I will be the one sending it on Friday at 11.58pm!


i believe you're taking an online class :cool:


no, but I'll have my 4 final exams on monday and after that, vacay!!


are you sure it's 4?? omg.. i couldnt imagine how much pressure's gonna be if i were you.. anyways.. best of luck for you guys!! :)

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