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christmas lights = the most popular coldplay song? ha!


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I don't think you actually read what this guy had to say...


his list is not the itunes list, you blind trolls. he built his own site for FANS like you guys to rank songs


you're making me rethink even registering for this forum... :angry:


I don't think you're reading what we're saying.


If you had a half a brain you would notice we are telling you that we have a Coldplay section of the forum where people who like Coldplay talk about Coldplay.


We also have a Lounge section which is basically an off topic, non-music, non-Coldplay section of the forum.


Basically preaching to the wrong choir here.


AND also it is hilarious that you come on here and call us trolls ahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah

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@reilly - i know there's all these great coldplay tracks thta took me a while to find (e.g. swallowed at sea) ... how else could i ever track down a song like that unless i had the opportunity to hear from some avid fans?



:curtain: It's 'Swallowed In The Sea' and it's actually on their third album so not that hard to find... You should check out some b-sides like Gravity and Proof.

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I don't really understand, is Coldplay the same as being a Jehovah's witness?


Just enjoy the music if you like it and stop obsessing over what other people think, it's not like they are an Indie charity case and need support for the dough to make their next CD.


No one is saying Coldplay are an Indie charity. We're all just sick of crap music at no 1 for Christmas in the UK and believe it's time our favourite band had a turn.


If some of us want it to get to number 1 it should be seen in that light, not as an awful presumption they need fan help with anything they do.

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@sue - thanks for moving it to the appropriate place & for the welcome!


@AnnaElisabeth - my bad on the name. all i know is i never heard it on the radio, and if it wasn't for just randomly stumbling across it, i may have never found my favorite coldplay track! there's gotta be a way to find it more easily -- that's why i want to lean on your opinion (and everybody else on here). thanks for the recs for gravity & proof...i'll check 'em out!

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