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Braddock is fucked and wants to spout bullshit/say something meaningful

Prince Myshkin

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ooh :disappointed: being really hungover is so horrible :bigcry: it's been a while for me though


Haha! I remember when I was younger and my friends and I thought it was good if you hadnt eaten properly cause then you wouldnt have to drink as much to get drunk. Ooh the days of immature behaviour :nice:. Haha and the next say we'd force ourselvs to walk around the block at least to get some fresh air.


Euw I once got really x325 drunk and went a little crazy :disappointed: not ok


haha I wasn't actually really hungover...in the end I was just tired.


oooh.....what did you do?:wacko:

what was the most stupid thing you have done when you were drunk?

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Oh well that's better than being hungover :awesome:


Ok here we go :wacko: lots of text :blank: :



I went to a party with a friend and brought some cans of beer and a big bottle of vodka (almost 1 litre) and I thought of pouring some of the vodka into a smaller bottle and only bring that one, but my naive mind took over and I thought like "ooh I'm not gonna drink all of it cause I know when to stop balablba". Yeah I drank all of it...I think...probably... but I dont remember doing it. The friend I was there with was staying at another friend's house so I walked there with them when the party was over, while waiting for my parents to come pick me up.


I was sooooo drunk, all I remember are like fragments of what the friend's house looked like but other than that it's black. Then I went back to meet my parents but I had no idea where to go or where I was. I thought I was lost out in the forest cause there were some trees on the side of the road. I was crying like a baby cause I thought no one would find me and I'd freeze to death or something :bigcry:. After what felt like forever ( it was probably only 20 mins or so :wacky:) my parents found me walking on the road, they had first looked for me at the place where the party was but the house was empty so they drove around while trying to call me but I was too drunk to answer my mobile :anxious:. I was crying soooo much when I met them but fell asleep in the car and when we came home I didnt want to get out of the car. Like I was angry and hitting my dad hard when he tried getting me out of the car and into the house :blank:. When I finally was in the house my mum helped me getting rid of my make-up but then I didnt know how to walk out of the bathroom :uhoh: like I walked into the wall and tore down this cupboard. Yeah that was me going and little crazy :anxious: the next day I literally threw up everytime I tried eating something from the time I woke until like 9 or 10 in the evening.


WOOP ALCOHOL!!! :bomb: :disappointed:




I dont know if that counts as the most stupid thing I've done, it's more depressing than stupid haha. I think sleeping with random people counts as the most stupid thing :uhoh: that made me sound like a slut but ya that's probably it, I cant think of anything else now :bomb:.

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I was in pizza express in Picc Gardens a couple of Friday evening's ago, bout 6pm. Surprisingly kicked off when one pissed up guy walked in wearing just shorts and trainers mouthing off something about rats, and he ended up being forced through the back fire escape by 6 staff. I ordered a hot and spicy but I wasn't expecting that!

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