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  1. Hahaha oh please, not this song again! One of my favourites that I can think of now is definitely Vampire Weekend. Like, in the song M79 from 3:30 till the end. That part is so amazing for the strings. And then in Walcott, I absolutely love the part from 1:12 to like 1:50. Also, of course, Björk "Homogenic" and most of all in "Hunter" when the strings come in at 1:12. No words to describe how amazing that is. And last but not least: this : [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBraHI5DwJ0]01 - The winner is - YouTube[/ame]
  2. eh shit... looks like that video was finally taken down... though it did last a lot longer than I expected. the only way I can think of seeing it is waiting until it comes on tv, or going to atease and downloading it.

  3. awesome! must've been fun! I've been alright, mainly keeping busy with work, though I'm really excited for friday because I'm seeing Paul McCartney live (for the 3rd time :lol:). ah yeah the BBC removed pretty much all of the videos. Briggins sent me this link which still works (surprisingly)... the whole performance is great! Feral and The Daily Mail are really amazing! let me know what you think [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EaTsaWPzOo"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EaTsaWPzOo[/ame]

  4. Hey ! Everything's fine, thank you. I'm a little tired though. I went to the Arctic Monkeys concert yesterday (with Tame Impala opening), it was awesome ! How about you? Actually I favorited it so I could find it easily when I have time to watch it but I haven't done it yet. And now I wanted to watch it but the video on youtube tells me it isn't available to watch in my country anymore :angry: ! Do you know where I could get it from?

  5. hey! how's it going? I saw you favorited the RH from the basement performance. So what'd you think of it? What songs did you like? or not as much?

  6. I'd say it's "if you ever stop to call, I won't mind." And then "We'll just have to (beat them all?). Haha that last bit is probably wrong as it doesn't make much sense! I think that line : "As our troubles (travels?) lie (walking by?)" might be "And our troubles are left behind". Not too sure though.
  7. Sufjan fangirls are as scary as Chris Martin's fangirls. haha Nope. :escaping:
  8. I wasn't a fan of the first single but man, that new one's fucking great (and so is the video)! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiLjuRG3hoE&feature=feedu]YouTube - ‪The Kills - Future Starts Slow‬‏[/ame]
  9. Love And Death (by Woody Allen) : 8,5/10 ! Loved it, typical Woody Allen. Always so silly yet smart. Chloé : 7/10. Good film. I wasn't expecting what would happen next, that's always a good thing to say about a movie. And yeah, Amanda Seyfried is so incredibly beautiful that the film would be worth watching just for that haha. That sounds gay. xD
  10. Omg yes, I read about that. It isn't too far from where I live. That seems even more suspicious when you know she was supposed to take her "bac" exam today. That's scary. :( I hope they find her safe soon.
  11. Is this from what you're talking about? Is your city Vancouver? This is such a great shot haha. No doubt it is all over the internet!
  12. Interesting post there. Care to elaborate? Aww sorry to hear that. Who was it? It's ok if you don't wanna answer that btw but I'm just too curious not to ask. haha
  13. Haha this ! This sounds very promising though. You seem to really get along with each other. Now maybe he'd like to have sex with you (if he fancies you) but it doesn't seem to just be that anyway so there's nothing wrong with it I guess. :p
  14. Alice

    Fashion etc.

    Awww too bad you're conscious about your legs. I personally think legs can be good looking even if they're pale but obviously the colour isn't the only criterium. And yeah, I guess it depends on where you live. But here in France, once we've passed the month of april I feel like it'd look ridiculous to wear tights. So either it's pretty warm and I don't wear any or it's kinda cold and I wear jeans. :lol: This will probably change if I go live in England next year. :disappointed: Btw, I like what you bought Sofia. Especially the pink shirt. :nice:
  15. Alice

    Fashion etc.

    I like the dress Julia. It really suits you! :cheesy: Isn't it nearly summer in Germany too though? haha Wearing it with black tights seems very wintery for this period of the year... :thinking:
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