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Simon Starrie


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Just finished reading a beautiful poem by Simon Starrie. Thought I'd share...






A poem to help those troubled in the small hours





I’ll hug you and hold you

shake off your fears and doubts

take your demons and cast them out


One by one they leave and its just you and me

Lay yourself down, and let yourself dream


Friends, some invisible, love you very much,

And while you sleep, they lend a loving touch.


You have qualities, hidden and seen

Drift away, let yourself dream.


You’ll be fine, everything will be okay

Let yourself sleep, and drift away.


Its dark but you have such colour,

It’s just you, but you need no other.


You’ve been through more suffering, than the hills have seen rain

Want you to know that I’ll be there for you, forever and again.


Nurture yourself to keep your soul strong

eat your favourite food, play your favourite song


There is a secret in you, a joy to behold

You’ll share it one day, your life is half-told


We understand you

We care for you

We will always see you through


Stay courageous

You’ll always have us.


So that was your darkest day, Your darkest night has just begun

You can’t even start to think you’ll make it to the morning sun.


The rain hits the window, your heart is in sorrow

Hang in there, together we’ll make it till tomorrow.


An early morning, a field’s summer dew,

We hung in there, we made it through.


So keep your light shining, your head rightly held high,

when things go wrong, shrug shoulders and sigh


The frost never came or that dark winter night

The sun’s up and rising, everything’ll be alright.

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