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I'm new here


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Hi, this is my first post :p Just thought I'd post in here first to get to know what this site's like as well as the users :)


I've been following Coldplay for a while now, since they're pretty much everywhere whenever they release new stuff it's hard to avoid them. Only really started to become a fan a few months back, so you could call me a new fan. :)


My favourite songs by them are Yellow, The Scientist, Strawberry Swing, Shiver, Politik and Talk. But they have so many excellent songs, so it's hard to decide my favourites! :D

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Hey there! Well I had an old account, and I didnt like the name that much so I made this account just now. I never really posted here, but I thought I would say hi.

And since we are both new (sorta) I would start by saying Hi.


I love coldplay, picked up a rush of blood because of the album cover when I was 13 and since then I have become a huge fan (like everyone else here!) My favorite songs are strawberry swing, green eyes, talk, cemeteries of london, and everythings not lost!.

I owe alot to coldplay, the got me into music. Since I have become a volunteer dJ at a radio station and coldplay's tracks are a regular on my show!

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