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NME poll - Who Stole The Show At Glastonbury?

Guest howyousawtheworld

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Okay, I'm not one for these types of things, but we cannot have U2 beating Coldplay, purely because U2 put no heart and all bombast into their performance (as always)


Coldplay were better by a country mile.

thats harsh u2 live is alot more than bombast . coldplay though got the crowd right behind them and won it on that lev coldplay would get my glastonbury vote.. 2 things were against u2 1= weather 2= a sad anti-bono campaign that has little foundation except jealousy..if you are talking about both bands live in general then having been lucky enough to see both live then u2 are better. when u are at a great u2 concert they are unmatched .. as they get older they are coming back to the rest but in the 90s their concerts reached a level that coldplay will never reach and thats not a negitave on coldplay.. even chris martin himself would admit that

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