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  1. So many people have already written about the album so much better than I could ever. But I came here to say that I can't get over my emotional response to the livestream performance. It was my first time listening to the whole album since I refrained from listening to the leaks. I think seeing them get ready/do the huddle already had me emotional because I missed them, so when Sunrise began along with the beautiful cinematography I started crying so hard. Sunrise was so beautiful and seeing Chris there kneeling, and the rest of the band, ugh the visuals were so stunning. When Church started,
  2. This is the most excited and obsessed I've been with new Coldplay music since I don't know when honestly. It's so refreshingly different and I literally can't get enough. I think I heard Arabesque 5 times back to back on my commute home. lol. I also love Orphans and I keep loving it more each time as well. I was excited about AOAL and I heard it on repeat when it was released. But this just keeps feeling so epic. I think I wrote in this thread already but just keep thinking about these new songs. Now I'm just a bit upset that Everyday Life seems like it won't get a full tour. I NEED Arabes
  3. I have this song on repeat! I vividly remember my first time hearing clocks and Politik and how I got goosebumps. I had not felt that deep emotional impact in a while. I mean there's so many songs I deeply love but to me almost nothing could compare to AROBTTH songs, but Arabesque? It's completely blown me away. I've got goosebumps and it's now one of my all time favorite coldplay songs! Omg that build up! And I love Chris cursing in the background ha!
  4. I went into this feeling excited yet anxious. What if I didn't like the new songs? But as soon as the first few seconds of Orphans played, I knew I loved it. Immediately loved the bass and then the chorus. It felt so different and refreshing from the recent sound of AHFOD but had the essence of Coldplay that I love. After the first Orphans I was elated and couldn't believe I was about to hear yet another one! And boy was I not ready for Arabesque! Again, as soon as the first few notes, I was so BLOWN AWAY. I've been dying for Coldplay to have a more rock/strong sound from X&Y, VLV or li
  5. 1. I can't believe I missed my 10 yr Coldplaying anniversary this year 2. We haven't received a Coldplay Messenger email since Nov.16 of last year. :eyes:
  6. Happy to be back on Coldplaying for this new era about to begin! ❤
  7. I'm enjoying the song, and I've been having fun trying to follow along with this crazy adventure! My only concern is how much longer we will have to wait for a Coldplay album and tour if they spend a lot of time with this. But also, maybe time will fly by getting distracted by this new project. But also eager for Coldplay to come back with a proper album. :) Either way, I'm having fun at the moment and excited to see what else happens. I think this will be great for them to explore sounds and styles and that in turn will help them figure out what kind of album they want to make next.
  8. It feels like I had been in hibernation until AHFOD film came out, and now I'm back to my full on Coldplayer mode again. So I wanted to watch Live 2012, I go and find it. Only to see that it's not in its case! So now I have to clean up my entire house and hope to find it :sob: Also, I can't find my Ghost Stories CD. So basically I don't take care of my stuff and I purchased Ghost Stories again. Hope I learn my lesson! Wish me luck on finding my Live 2012 disc.
  9. Wow, it's been forever since I was last on Coldplaying! I've missed it!
  10. I hope someone uploads the video of Coldplay covering Music Ligera so I can download it!!! :sob::sob::sob::heart::heart::heart: They were so incredible! It was such a beautiful incredible surprise. I am still so excited about it and I was not even there!!!! I love that song and just can't believe they covered it and that crowd was so EPIC!
  11. I still miss the Coldplay puppets.
  12. I'm so confused. I don't see when they are going to come up. The live stream already ended a while ago
  13. Yellow, and I knew it was by Coldplay thanks to my sister. But really became a big fan after hearing Clocks and In My Place. Memories are becoming a little fuzzy about the order of which songs I heard first because I was 10 when Parachutes came out. Whatever the order, I'm so happy I became I fan. I basically grew up and was raised by Coldplay music :)
  14. I was waiting for them to do a cover, and I am so glad they did. Definitely brings up the pain again! :'( When I was in my obsession for both LP and Coldplay I wondered if my two favorite bands knew each other and wished they were friends. Seeing that Mike saw this cover and liked it is heartbreaking, because of the reason why it happened :broken_heart:
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