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As a NON-fan, thought I'd watch the Sydney gig


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:/ As a rock music fan of over 20 years standing and not being familiar at all with Coldplay's music, I thought I'd sit myself down the other night and watch the Sydney gig on TV just to see exactly what all the fuss was about.


Well after doing that, I just felt I had to take the time and trouble to register.


It was interesting. So Coldplay are at the forefront of modern rock and winning awards all over the globe, eh? Whoa folks - that is DEAD SCARY!


There used to be a phrase aired a while back to the effect that 'Would the last person to leave, please turn out the lights'.


Jeez, by the look of it the lights on the rock world have well and truly been switched off already.


God, how can I put this? OK - Rush in Rio is out now on CD and the double DVD is released next Monday. If you want to see a band truly uplift an audience and play with both passion AND compassion, THIS is where lessons can begin to be learnt!

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Thanks for posting, your opinion is appreciated :)


However I do feel that your view is a bit biased... if I were to watch/listen what you're into only once and then make judgement I would probably have the same view on your tastes. Try watching other gigs (alá Glastonbury 2002) and also listen to the albums and then pass comment. Your view may be the same in any event, but it's unfair on the back of one DVD.

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If you want to see a band truly uplift an audience and play with both passion AND compassion' date=' THIS is where lessons can begin to be learnt![/quote']


First off, I love to listen to Rush, they are an incredibly talented band. So, it's not like I don't appreciate their music and talent.


On the other hand, you imply as if Rush is the father of playing music with any kind of heart or emotion. Well, I'd have to say they have some pretty big shoes to fill. What about The Beatles, The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, or even Pink Floyd? Did those bands play to packed houses and stand around the stage just going through the motions? Even those bands I just listed weren't the first to play with passion and hypnotize an entire stadium with their music.


I haven't seen the new Sydney DVD, but I have seen footage of a concert. Of the footage I have seen, I wasn't entirely impressed either. That is why I can't wait til they come around in concert again, to create my own opinion from their show, not from someone else's production of concert footage on a DVD.


Coldplay is Coldplay, no one else. They don't run around like Anthony Keidis or Gwen Stefani creating a frenzy. The music of Coldplay inspires a different kind of energy and feeling.


I also agree that to watch a recorded concert once, make such a rash judgment on Coldplay, only shows how close minded you are. When I first listed to Coldplay's 2nd album, A Rush of Blood to the Head, I listened to it numerous times, but it just didn't click for me. About two months later, it suddenlt hit me, just like the first album did.


Unfortunately, I have not seen Coldplay in concert, but when a band of their caliber and talent can make me feel the energy and emotion in their music from just their recorded albums, I can only wonder how incredible they are in concert. A DVD just can't relive or replay the overall experience of being at a concert in person.


I second the motion, listen to them again, and again, and again. If you still don't like them, that's fine too. But I think you just might have a change of heart down the road.

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Music evolves even faster than technology does, so its pointless to compare a band of today with a band of yesterday... For instance, its insane to compare Coldplay to the Rush or even the Beatles, who paved the way for bands like Coldplay. Rock is such a vague concept anyway these days when there's so many different styles out there, comparing artists only makes music a competitive sport, not an art... Plus, someone who isnt Coldplay cant say that Coldplay doesnt perform with passion.


I think its great that a band like them is in their position, otherwise, we'd be stuck with the radio spoon-feeding us crap pop music thats made by the industry, not the artist. Meanwhile, Coldplay write all their material (which is less common nowadays). Its great that we have a band like Coldplay on top, unless you prefer Justin Timberlake or Nelly. I'm not suggesting that you're not entitled to your opinion, I dont care if you dislike Coldplay, I'm just trying to clarify that it is logical that a lot of other people like them. As a musician, I've become more supportive of artists of all genres, seeing as how they have to deal with critics 24/7. Thats just my 2 cents.


By the way, Welcome to the board. If you stay, thats great. We're all friendly here, and wont hold it against you if you're not a fan.

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i gotta admit thatthe very 1st time i heard coldplay`s songs was from a live concert seen on telly as well. before that i was ONLY familiar with one song - in my place. after i heard the concert i thought 'well ok, this is the coldplay band alright... well nothing special' but they`re acquired (spelling?) taste. i kept on listening to the concert again and again and then i fell endlessly in luff with their music.


but of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. my bro for instance thinks coldplay`s crap. i luff their music beyond belief!

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