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I think I got jipped..


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I called the 1-800 number that mtv showed like 2 or 3 weeks ago for the coldplay DVD.... ordered rush delivery, which is 3 or 5 days or something, and now its 3 weeks later and i still havent gotten it :/ anyone know that 1-800 number? :huh:

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i did a rush delivery thing before and had it take that long to come in.


they blamed me for not calling their offices to let them know it was rush delivery. this was through something else though. i've never ordered anything from tv. :lol:

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maybe it got lost in the mail or some fat man stole it..or sat on it..or something.


well, my dvd, is different... its in a cd case..i got it from costco and yea.it was cheap there...so i just bought it..and when i went to hmv, they had it..but it was in the dvd case..not the cd case..and it just makes me so cornfused! i hope there isn't any difference...

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