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Q Magazine interview


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Will recently did an interview with Q magazine. Thought I'd share with you the major bits.


'The title is among an undecided "shortlist of three", the tracklisting "isn't quite there" and they're still mixing and overdubbing bits as they think of them... "Yes, typical Coldplay fashion," laughs drummer Will Champion. We're leaving it to the last minute. We'll keep going until it literally has to leave to get mastered and pressed.'


'"We're prone to saying things before we write an album that prove to be totally wrong," the drummer explains. "There came a point last summer when we realised we had different types of songs in various styles, so rather than make an album that's all stripped-down we decided to throw everything into one basket. It's true we scrapped stuff but a lot of those songs became antecedents of what you'll hear on the finished album."'


There's a section about the Beehive. Will explains how being in a rehearsal hall got them closer to how the songs would sound in live form. Which is good news for the next tour I guess!


It then claims that confirmed songs are ETIAW, 'U2 a-like Major Minus, Hurts Like Heaven (a likely single thumping to the echo of Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark), the dubby Princess of China and instant classic Charlie Brown.' The confirmed tracks in the little box at the top left-hand corner however only confirms Teardrop and Charlie Brown. Will also calls the album "vibrant".


Hope you found that interesting :)

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