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Heelstone Houndog Billboard

Garry Denke

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Rev. Lawrence Washington (1602-1653), the great-great-grandfather of George Washington (first President of the United States), acquired Stonehenge from Robert Newdyke in 1628 for a Hound Dog Kennel.


Washington's Hound Dog Kennel at Stonehenge, a formal establishment for the propagation of purebred Hound Dogs, was a state-of-the-art facility in Wiltshire until it was sold in 1678 to the Rev. Thomas Hayward.




Dr. Garry Denke (1622-1699), the German Catholic historian, antiquarian and dentist, Permitted drilling of the Foxhole (Scroll) Trench augered core at Heel Stone in 1656 from Rev Washington's Hound Dog Kennel.


In 1757, founding father Dr. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) examined Washington's Heel Stone Hound Dog above Dr. Denke's Heel Stone Flying Eagle when Dr. Franklin chose the Flying Eagle for the Great Seal.


Stonehenge – its owners through the centuries

The Writings of Benjamin Franklin, Volume III: London, 1757 - 1775 -- Letters of 1773


Foxhole (Scroll) Trench

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It was between a hound dog and a flying eagle, maybe Franklin should have chosen the hound dog for the great seal?:laugh3: Elvis's song Hound Dog would have been our national anthem! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJsQSb9RFo0]Elvis Presley - Hound Dog - YouTube[/ame] :elvis: But instead Franklin, I think wisely, choose Denke's heel stone flying eagle. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE-U5e78WHc]The Eagles - Desperado - YouTube[/ame] :cowboy: Remarkable this stone and these markings had such an effect upon Washington and Franklin, and US symbolic choice of the Eagle, thanks for sharing this!!

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The Eagles - Desperado - YouTube[/url] :cowboy: Remarkable this stone and these markings had such an effect upon Washington and Franklin, and US symbolic choice of the Eagle, thanks for sharing this!!


is better Abraham Lincoln .


funny :





ok just for info :





you forget :


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0uqLM1uj_k&ob=av2e]Coldplay - Talk - YouTube[/ame]

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Totally ridiculous, but funny in its absurdity.:laugh3: AC/DC makes better electricity, by far. ;) And just what would Lawrence Washington think of all this if he were alive today? Let alone the builders of Stone Henge?! Probably they'd be spending all their time in the astronomy department, no doubt...?

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Nancy Hanks Lincoln


Wiltshire Foxhound Temples


Malmesbury, Wiltshire County, and the surrounding area, have some astonishing links to the United States, especially when you consider both the town's size (Population: 4631), and rural location. Historically Malmesbury was a center for learning and home to Malmesbury Abbey. Once the site of an Iron Age fort, it is the oldest borough in England.


1. Penns of Pennsylvania – came originally from this district. The family lived in Minety in 1560 and one of the family members was Law Clerk of Malmesbury, who died about 1590. Some of the family are buried in Minety itself. Also one of the older buildings in Minety, a house called "The Mansells", was the home of the father of the famous William Penn.


2. Sir Lawrence Washington – one of Malmesbury's earlier and most respected members of parliament, Lawrence Washington resided in Garsden Manor. He is an ancestor of George Washington, the first US President, and is buried in Garsden Church. Of particular interest is his ownership of Stonehenge, Wiltshire County, for over five decades.


3. Nancy Hanks – the mother of Abraham Lincoln was a Malmesbury woman. Her family went on to America to settle. Abraham Lincoln got most of his looks from his mother's side, and some say also his drive and initiative. The Hanks, some of whom still reside in the area, are one of the oldest families in Malmesbury, dating back to the Saxon era.


Nine miles (14 km) from Malmesbury towards Washington's Stonehenge is the 3rd century BC "Hound Lord" dog shrine: hall, hostel, shops, and priest's house; at Nettleton Shrub, Wiltshire County. After 69 AD it was dedicated to Apollo Cunomaglus for cult worship. Penns, Washingtons, and Hanks frequented the Wiltshire Foxhound Temples.





Garry Denke

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