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What's up, Coldplayers!?


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Heeey, I'm Mennesker and I'm 15 years old ;)

I know, it's a little bit late, because I was joining Coldplaying over a month ago :D

But now I want to introduce myself ;)

I love reading, Hip Hop and Coldplay (a strange combination, I know :D :D) and movies ;)

And I'm still waiting of LP5! Hoping it will come out soon ;)

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Hey, thanks to all ;)

I'm sure I will have a good time here, thank you ;) and I like Hip Hop-Coldplay-combination, too. Chris Martin likes Hip Hop, too ;D :D :D



Ich freu mich auch immer auf Landsleute ;) Ich bin von der Nordsee und du?

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