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The Lyrics


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are my biggest concern. Because so far through these singles (and even the other songs we've heard) I have heard very little lyrics that have left that "wow" factor with me. I haven't heard anything that has truly strummed the chords of my heart. Instead I've heard mostly poppy wa-wa-waterfalling, para-para-paradising, a lot of OOOOHS (Even in Major Minus, HLH,) a lot of repetition, cheesiness, (butterflies, chris. you're singing about butterflies) and overall lyrical laziness. I've opened my head to the new sound they're after, and after a while I've grown to like it. But the lyrics are one thing I dont feel right about. (of course there are a few exceptions, I love UATW! its a beautiful song.)


And I know that Chris clearly hasn't been known for his genius lyric writing. But he has written countless tunes that truly resonate in the heart. Songs that, albeit incredibly simple, touch you. And there have been songs that have been complex and mind boggling. I haven't noticed that to be honest in this MX era, and its starting to become a red flag for me. I've noticed lyrics that would be ideal for the average 13 year old girl. But not for people who have also grown with this band. Not for people who became young adults, husbands, wives, parents, etc over the course of this decade, getting through the difficult moments of life by playing a Coldplay song. In Politik he sang "give me real, don't give me fake." Its felt as if these recent lyrics have begun to contradict that same demand we heard in a song ten years ago.


I don't know, I feel as if I was slightly all over the place with this post, but its certainly the number one thing that has been irking me lately, and I felt like venting it out, because hey, someone might share the same sentiments as me. What do you all think? Agree? Disagree? I'm up for a healthy discussion. :)

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Please calm down. Coldplay are going to release the most poppy songs first as they generate a greater mass appeal for the band that goes beyond their hardcore fan base.


I'm sure there will be more introspective songs on the album that appeal to you.


I would say this however. Really think about it. Chris is now married, has kids and is a millionaire. He really isn't going to be able to write depressed songs with conviction. Hence this more "upbeat" direction.

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