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Up In Flames is far superior to Paradise in my opinion, but it was hyped way too much. It's a good song, but not as good as R42 made it out to be. It sounds like something from X&Y I suppose. I don't like how in the chorus the only lyrics are 'Up in flames'. In fact they are doing that a lot in this era. The only lyrics in the Paradise chorus are 'para-para paradise.' Just uttering the same phrase over and over again means nothing to me.

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Up in Flames and Paradise are about equal to me, both as just OK, with an edge to Paradise.


Of the MX songs heard:


Charlie Brown


MX/Hurts Like Heaven

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall


Us Against the World



Up in Flames





Major Minus (just don't like it, this kind of song from Coldplay just doesn't work for me I guess)

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