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  1. Now we just need a HD professionally made live version Any word on when their next internet broadcast show will be?
  2. The Duke

    UIF on TVD

    They played the better part of the song. I don't watch the show, but my wife is a big fan. I wasn't even paying attention, but as soon as I heard that first bass synth drum I knew what was coming.
  3. The 25 song setlist I'd want: 1. MX/Hurts Like Heaven 2. Lovers in Japan 3. Talk 4. Up in Flames 5. Viva La Vida 6. The Scientist 7. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall 8. In My Place 9. Reign of Love 10. Us Against the World 11. Up with the Birds 12. Violet Hill 13. Trouble 14. Death and All His Friends 15. Clocks 16. Major Minus 17. God Put a Smile on My Face 18. Sparks 19. Til Kingdom Come 20. Charlie Brown 21. Fix You 22. Politik 23. Life in Technicolor II 24. Yellow 25. Don't Let it Break Your Heart
  4. I listen to so many different mediums (3 seperate computers, Droid, car, kids mp3 boombox) it's hard to keep track, i'd have to guess: Charlie Brown AHT/DLIBYH UWTB MX/HLH UATW MMIX/ETIAW UIF Paradise Princess ofChina UFO Major Minus
  5. I want a concert with a full playing of MX in order right in the middle of the show 1. Politik 2. Yellow 3. The Scientist 4. Violet Hill 5. MX/Hurts Like Heaven 6. Paradise 7. Charlie Brown 8. Us Against the World 9. MMIX/Every Teardrop is a Waterfall 10. Major Minus 11. UFO 12. Princess of China 13. Up in Flames 14. AHT/Don't Let it Break Your Heart 15. Up with the Birds 16. Clocks 17. Fix You 18. Viva La Vida
  6. I almost wonder if they are holding this back for the Olympics
  7. I was talking with Chris and Will yesterday and they told me the band is going heavy into thrash polka for LP6.
  8. For me it's all about living in the moment. That energy and electricity of the moments that you never forget. That's why people like me like that lyric.
  9. They should have released Charlie Brown second on October 12th which would have made releasing Princess of China 3rd a non issue. I understood ETIAW being released when it was since that was a good summer festival type song and was still so far in front of the album.
  10. Parachutes vs. Mylo Xyloto Round 1. Don't Panic vs. Us Against The World Round 2. Shiver vs. Paradise Round 3. Spies vs. Major Minus Round 4. Sparks vs. MMIX/Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Round 5. Yellow vs. MX/Hurts Like Heaven Round 6. Trouble vs. Charlie Brown Round 7. Paracutes vs. U.F.O. Round 8. High Speed vs. Major Minus Round 9. We Never Change vs. Up In Flames Round 10. Everything's Not Lost vs. A Hopefull Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart Round 11. Life is For Living vs. Up With The Birds Para: 4 MX: 7 What is funny is th
  11. Parachuttes: Yellow A Rush of Blood to the Head: Clocks X&Y: Fix You Viva La Vida: Violet Hill Xylo Xyloto: Charlie Brown
  12. Round 1: Don't Panic / Politik / Square One / Life In Technicolor / Hurts Like Heaven Round 2: Shiver / In My Place / What If / Cemeteries of London / Paradise Round 3: Spies / God Put A Smile Upon Your Face / White Shadows / Lost! / Charlie Brown Round 4: Sparks / The Scientist / Fix You / 42 / Us Against The World Round 5: (Jesus, this one is competitve) Yellow / Clocks / Talk / Lovers In Japan / M.M.I.X. + Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Round 6: Trouble / Daylight / X&Y / Yes / Major Minus Round 7: Parachutes / Green Eyes / Speed of Sound / Viva la Vida / U.F.
  13. The second half of AROBTTH puts me to sleep it's so boring. And the album version of GPASOYF is NOTHING compared to the newer live renditions (A similar complaint I have for Shiver). The first half of it though is sheer brilliance.
  14. Politik In My Place Charlie Brown The Scientist Clocks Daylight UFO Princess of China A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let it Break Your Heart Up with the Birds
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