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Sewing Buttons On


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You have to take the loop through the holes in different directions to secure it and then knot the hell out of the thread. :D

Yeah pretty much this.



fooby, if you think you're doing this and it's still not working, you should post a front/back pic of your sew job so we can better advise you.

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Dude I just sewed together my costume and I'm 15 :awesome: but seriously it's hard...but that's because I haven't done it in 3 years :lol:


After you "loop" each hole, make sure the line is tight by pulling it orelse you get excess thread and they can undo you buttons and this other stuff :P

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So your teacher is buying you a new Ipod Touch which they had previously found (OK) and gave it to your assistant teacher in the hope that the Ipod Touch they are going to buy you in the future (OK) was previously owned by someone else in your band (OK) but the Ipod Touch that is being bought in the future was given away by the assistant teacher to someone else in the past but THEN- it never showed up (OK).



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