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Last Samurai


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costumes were so sweet

and how that lt. col. gets that sword through the chest on the horse?



havent seen rf ucsd in a while


I've been a little busy again. I'm going to create a thread so people who are interested can know (and those who aren't don't have to bother).


Period pieces are so cool, and the money thrown at movies over the last ten years (most of which is spent frivolously) makes a period piece done well a special thing. This really was done well, very respectful not only of Japanese Samurai culture, but also very conscious of those issue important to Japanese militarization (which, of course, becomes very important in the fifty to seventy-five years following this movie) as well as the unique environment of Japan. Some of the shots of the scenery was absolutely breathtaking.


And as I understand it, the main of the movie was shot in Japan.


Notes: I'm not expert on Japanese history, culture, or movie making.

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