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Heelp help, please


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I'm going to a big costume party next week and the theme is GLITTER. I have no idea what I should dress up as :bigcry:. Last year two people who dressed up as fork & knife won the prize for best costume and one guy I met was dressed up as a magpie since they like shiny things. I didnt dress up as anything last year cause I was too poor to buy stuff but now I wanna change that. Soo HELP PLEASE, who/what should I be? :wacky:

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All of these are really shitty suggestions



go as a mirrorball :awesome:

that would be cool actually but I'm not sure how I'd do it


Wear this outift :awesome:




Or go as a crazy artsy fartsy artist with feathers in your hair and a hundred shiny rings on your fingers and a ton of colourful glitter on your face... or something :wacky:


hahaaa that's a great outfit

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