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  1. I remember circa-June 2012 rolled around and everything smelled like body odor and rancid ketchup...must have been a new member, I dunno. omg that would be SO embarrassing if you had been mistaken. But yes I found some rando willing to spend the rest of his life with me. Didn't realize my soulmate would be so short and so bald :P But yes I got engaged and moved to Seattle since I fell off the grid. I poke on every once in a while. Within five-ish seconds I see something that pisses me off and I quickly escape. Repeat monthly x 24 and here we are. But yeah you're my Facebook
  2. Since the last time I've been on here I've lost about 40 pounds. I didn't even know I had that many to lose! And I'm all buff and stuff. And my hair is super short. In other news, I'm moving across the country to follow my boyfriend/partner/butthead/whatever 1500 miles away to Seattle, WA. His promotion comes with relocation, and I'm transferring to the University of Washington's med school in the pretty mountains and mild climate I hope to become more disciplined. I've been so focused on tangible self-improvement (exercise, studying, career), I'm afraid that my dreams (writing, home ow
  3. :huh: idk :huh:

  4. Yes I am still alive How is everyone : ) I would like to apologize for being the worst site editor ever
  5. My skype is brent_willman I think :huh: How does this website even work :huh:

  6. The album cover is horrendous. But I'm excited!
  7. Managed to get a minor in mathematics beyond all possibility
  8. Both seem to be ganging up on the longevity of the lounge section of Coldplaying. Honestly this stuff is growing really tiresome.
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