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Gary Barlow - Barlow Eyes Jay-Z And Coldplay For Queen's Party


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Gary Barlow - Barlow Eyes Jay-Z And Coldplay For Queen's Party


British pop star Gary Barlow is eyeing a star-studded line-up for Queen Elizabeth Ii's 85th birthday celebrations - he's planning to include Jay Z, Coldplay and Sir Cliff Richard on the bill.


The Take That star has been charged with organising the entertainment for the British monarch's joint birthday and Diamond Jubilee party next year (12), to mark her 60th year on the throne.


He has been consulting members of the royal family for tips on who they'd love to see performing at the bash - and he'll have to call in favours from a wide range of showbiz pals if he's going to keep all the Vip guests happy.


Barlow tells Grazia magazine, "Two hours to fill, who can I book? I've had three requests from the royal household. The Princes want Jay Z and Coldplay, and the Queen wants Cliff Richard."



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:rolleyes: the mysteries abound..

Well it sounds like Gary's doing a great job rounding up the desired talent! Interesting reading about Cliff Richard, I didn't really know all that much about him, quite the entertainer! Cliff Richard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I only know one or two of his hit songs, a little before my time! Now he's more into pop music and a little gospel, a nice change of pace from time to time.

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