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[24-May-2012] Coldplay @ Olympic Stadium, Turin, Italy


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ah the perks of northern hemisphere dwelling :cry:


*8th time!*


I actually feel a little guilty...almost,lol. I know how hard it is for people to get to shows. I'm pretty poor myself, but have been lucky enough to win tickets or have them given to me by 'friends of friends'. I paid for my Viva ticket, but had to scrape pennnies together and not eat for a couple of days,lol. It was worth it!:D

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2000. Four boys in London surprised the world with a poignant love song, from the color of the stars. A beardless young man walking on a beach and sings his passion for a girl, as the sun begins to rise. Everything starts from here.

2012. Coldplay are pop / rock band leading the world, capable of creating a spectacular show as the one staged on May 24 at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin, the only Italian date of Mylo Xyloto Tour.

Beyond the visual wonders that were offered under the surface of a live show emerges forcefully advanced the great quality of the songs of the band Chris Martin, pop beads write effective and engaging melodies of these impressions in the minds and the heart. A particular that not always, nell'effervescente (sometimes ephemeral) pop world is taken into account. Although Mylo Xyloto is perhaps a job that has more shadows than lights, the fact remains that Coldplay have written in the pages of the best popular music of recent years.

After watching the mini-live of Ritaora, a (s) fortunate combination of the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga, and Marina & The Diamonds, an interesting voice, but whose songs have resulted in boredom after the first 15 minutes, we arrive at the end of our wait.

After an unexpected introduction in the background with the theme of Back to the Future, the stage, composed of 5 big circles where they will be projected visuals and live images, lights and Coldplay singing the first notes of Hurts Like Heaven. Laser lights shot into the sky, fireworks explode in the stars and thousands of lights illuminate simultaneously. Absolutely brilliant idea to hand over to each of the spectators a bracelet bright, activated via wi-fi, becoming an integral part of the show, see the entire stadium (plus sold-out, these 40,000 people) of color and shine a light has been unforgettable sight. It 's time once the first classic, In My Place, and another surprise: during the song, a multitude of confetti is projected upwards and the impression is to be surrounded by millions of colorful butterflies. Such a departure for a concert I had ever seen. After the enthralling Major Minus, Lovers In Japan, from Viva La Vida (in my opinion, the album the band's most mature and complete London) sparked the crowd and the giant balloons are launched on the public: who was at a concert Muse can imagine the effect. Chris Martin, in great shape and has an amazing Italian, approaches the piano and the notes of the wonderful The Scientist invade the stage, another piece of research of the singer to the perfect pop song. In my opinion, has already written: a yellow light dominates the scene, Chris talks about how bright the stars are above us, now more than ever. Yellow. Yellow. E non c'è altro da aggiungere. And there's nothing else to add. Violet Hill and God Put a Smile Upon Your Face close the first half of the concert, it starts with the current radio single, Princess of China, which sees the presence of screens on the Rihanna virtually accompany the group. I think that this song could have been prevented in the album and we're good like cheese with chocolate.

Navigate to the bottom of a walkway that goes to finish in the audience, Coldplay perform Up in Flames and the sweet Warning Sign, with Chris in command of a flamboyant upright piano. He returns to center stage for Do not Let It Break Your Heart and the real mantra of the band: Viva la Vida, already received the first live with choirs from all over the stadium, is pure joy, where the audience becomes one with the group, thrilling musical alchemy.

The party continues with Charlie Brown and Paradise, after which they disappear Coldplay and pop behind all, near the bottom of the stadium, on a small stage where he runs the intimate Us Against The World and an acoustic version of Speed ​​Of Sound with all members of the band close to each other, seeming almost just four friends playing for fun.

The final trick is memorable: the exciting Clocks, Fix You sound a running start and then Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, pure rhythm. An evening of great music and entertainment events, visual and technical equipment of last generation, an audience in raptures. And above all, a guy who sang the stars.


[thanks Alexander Jordan 2000. http://rivistapaperstreet.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/coldplay-stadio-olimpico ]


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With Coldplay! Grazie per avermi fatto vivere una delle serate più belle della mia vita. Thanks for letting me live one of the most beautiful evenings of my life.

As you know Thursday I went to the Coldplay concert, and has proved even more surprising expectations. The lights, the bracelets that were lit up with music, fireworks at the opening of the concert and during the last song-Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall-, the stage during Viva La Vida, Charlie Brown and Paradise ... was exploding ... I could go on for another ten lines, but I'm sure that would not be enough to understand what has been exciting. Elizabeth I and we had fun a lot, to share this wonderful experience with their parents and one of the friends that I care about most was a great feeling. Thanks Dad for the great pictures you've done, we'll have some great memories of this special evening.




Dad's pictures look to be on the Blog too :)

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The concert of Coldplay at Stadio Olimpico in Turin on May 24, 2012 is one of the events most eagerly awaited of the year. and Coldplay concert sold out (which began May 18 in Portugal, the tour) at the highest levels of popularity than ever, the ' Olympic opened the gates at 16:30 and start the race from the best seats from fans who were able to buy tickets for the lawn, but long after you populate the stands. All spectators, upon entering, have received a bracelet that will be turned on via a remote control at the beginning of the show. These are in addition to thousands of smart phones, lighters, or the new millennium. In the stands the situation is calm, there is also Chiambretti hovers over the press area with a jacket unlikely ...


At 21:38 the theme of "Back to the Future" introduces Chris Martin and Co., who make their entrance on the huge stage built for the event (it is actually divided into three sections and takes up an entire corner of the Olympic Stadium) . "Torino, is there anybody out there?" I'm only 40 000, Chris! The bracelets will light up in unison in many colors, from green to red fluorescent, cell phones are in the hands of almost all the spectators, and Coldplay's start with the short instrumental "Mylo Xyloto", taken from the last self-titled album, which introduces "Hurts Like Heaven". The care of the scenery, especially as regards the effects of light, goes beyond the imagination: five huge circles from the edges glow, where movies are screened, surmounting the stage, and laser light beams of each type explode in the sky, where the last light of dusk you are out to make way for the stars and the darkness of night. The usual confetti announces launch of "In My Place", before Martin warmly greeting the public agreed with a few words in Italian, before moving to English stating that give everything they have in the body, and then "Let's fucking go!" . In fact, the quartet seems really on the ball, besides the extraordinary visual impact (of "Lovers In Japan" dozens of balls are thrown into the crowd), there's also the intimate moment with "The Scientist", where fans are starting to be heard loudly in the choruses. For "Yellow", of course, the lights become yellow: the group can live very well make the alternation between melody and parts assigned to a guitar almost Mogwai that marks one of their early classics, coming directly from their debut album " Parachutes "(2000). And 'then the turn of "Violet Hill", after which Chris still shows his familiarity with the Italian ("how are down, as were left, as you are right, how are you on the lawn?"). Meanwhile there is a strong suspicion that sti radiocontrollati bracelets are disturbing all communications within two kilometers, we hope to spend the night, while Chris is sudatissimo to the delight of little girls: he runs up and down the big stage, could almost think of fired his personal trainer ... And continues the show with "Princess Of China" (but Rihanna is present only in video), "Up In Flames" and "Warning Sign", before returning to the main stage. Our choice from the lineup is undoubtedly well-calibrated: many pieces removed from the last " Mylo Xyloto ", but there are also all songs that Coldplay historians have provided throughout their career over a decade. If they were metalheads might say pounding like blacksmiths, but they are playing and singing really well, show the highest level, sounds, colors, emotional intensity ... And 'the central moment of the show. The complex lays out "Do not Let It Break Your Heart", "Viva La Vida," "Charlie Brown" and "Paradise": the arms are all raised to the heavens, multicolored bracelets light up in time to music, the blow view is spectacular, the stage is lit almost daily. The sounds are perfect and the excitement is palpable. There is another change of stage: Coldplay disappear and reappear on the opposite side of the stadium, just behind the mixer, where there is a "C - Stage". In this place are conducted "Us Against The World" and "Speed ​​of Sound" in acoustic version. Then back to where he had come for the grand finale. They ignite the bracelets, the play of light and then returning players here, "Clocks", "Fix You" and the true conclusion entrusted to "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall", a sudatissimo Chris Martin (they just changed t-shirts) to enhance the Olimpico crowd. Over the last few minutes it is on everything possible, even fireworks, signs "fix me chris" and bracelets that pulsate as the heart of the present honors to pay tribute to a band that just comes in its own right among the rock stars of the new millennium. At 23:14 the lights are white and Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion greet their 40,000 fans into raptures. The last image is that of the singer kissing stage. It is the generational change that seemed to come tardasse, new heroes have clean faces, are charitable, you could present them to your parents because they will never be considered a bad company, although each so fuck them too few runs. The concert Pop / Rock definitive? Yes Curtain.







TURIN. It is understandable, even before setting foot at the Stadio Olimpico, the concert will be a performance in the round, one of those experiences where you say "I was there"; music and sounds continuously intersect with special effects, video projections and lighting . At the entrance of the stadium thousands of bracelets were distributed to the audience, still unaware of their purpose. During the second song, "In my place", the bracelets come on and off together, with music, lighting up every present in the stadium and create an extraordinary effect. . The audience becomes an active part of the choreography of the show, organized in a precise and accurate in every detail. From the stands the sight is breathtaking: forty thousand spectators, forty thousand colored lights, lights, lasers, fireworks. Without forgetting the great music andrenalinica Coldplay. Chris Martin once again warms his audience: "Good evening, Torino, we're happy to be here, let me see your hands!" With a nearly flawless Italian, while butterflies and other forms swell as improbable giant balloons in different parts of the stadium . After the concert, kneels in front of his fans thanking Italy and his extraordinary acceptance, the public continues to call wild, but eventually all leave with a smile on his face, again, Coldplay really hit the hearts the Italians, with the music but especially with the charisma of the singer. A concert event, a party in celebration that honors the city of Turin for having bet on the British band to open its summer season live. A single date, memorable, unmissable.




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Then finally came the night that I waited a long time because it was the evening of the Coldplay concert in Turin! I waited and dreamed for months, ever since they announced it would be the only Italian date, since we managed to get tickets online! The concert was held at the Stadio Olimpico and for me it was the first time at this stage: an incredible sight to see from the meadow area is completely full of people. Although the stands were packed well. My eye observer noted that the average age of the audience was very low: many boys of twenty / thirty years': a nice collection point for enjoying the music at top quality. The concert started at 21 and 30, Chris and its not even remotely thinking about doing a short break. It 's been a long haul of almost 2 hours full of unexpected events such as fireworks, light organized with bright bracelets (which were all delivered to the entrance), launching giant balloons in the audience and the outbreak of confetti with a bang. Chris is a bomb of energy, determination and sensuality (it is quite nice). He has not stopped a moment to jump, run, and surprise everyone at one point launched into the air then the guitar has sfracassata ground. It is also demonstrated cute trying to speak in Italian several times! :) My favorite song? Can not name one! I was particularly excited Viva la Vida, Every teardrop is a waterfall, Charlie Brown, Yellow, Fix You and Paradise! This morning instead of resting, awake early, and another train to the university. I am writing this detail (apparently tralasciabile) to tell you that at 7:30 Portanuova was FULL of children dying who have spent the night there after the concert. Fantastici veramente! Really fantastic!


[thanks http://poppiess.blogspot.com/2012/05/coldplay-torino-la-mia-esperienza ]


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I was there; I'm still speachless, and all I can say is:

Olympic Stadium, Turin - May 24 2012: 45.000 hearts beating for their favourite songs :D WE WERE THERE, glowing in the dark with our pink Xylobands :)

Thanx to Coldplay for the most amazing night of my entire life!

"Fucking Incredible!", as Chris said :)


You can find some of my pictures (and not only mine) and videos here: https://www.facebook.com/coldplayliveinturin

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