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Glad to finally be a member...gosh I don't know why I didn't join WAY earlier!!!!


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Hello :D My name is Bryce. I was born in England and lived there until the age of 9, before moving to America, and I LOVE it here. :happy: Though I still and always will adore the UK. :heart: I've been a huge CP fan for somewhere around a decade now...well, ever since the release of Parachutes, so we've got a long history. :cheesy: They are by all means and without the slightest trace of doubt my all-time absolute most favourite band and I'd bet my life they always will be. :dance: Coldplay has made my life better in too many ways to count and the vast majority of my life has been complimented by a Coldplay soundtrack. :wacky: I plan to become a surgeon, but music is and has always been a comsuming passion of mine...listening to music, playing music, writing music...just basically anything and everything to do with music...and CP has always remained my biggest inspiration of all. :lol: I've even been lucky enough to see them live TWICE and without a doubt they were the most awesome concerts I've ever seen. Anyway, I suppose I've gone on long enough...I've got a bit of a reputation for being talkative to the point of ridiculousness. ;) And I'm also a bit on the cheesy, corny side, as well, :jester: if what I've already written isn't proof enough. :rolleyes4: And I think growing up listening to CP's pensive music has helped to make me not be afraid of being downright cheesy at times. :p But anyway, I'll stop it here...hope I haven't bored anyone to death so far :uhoh2: But anyhow I'm just extremely glad to finally be part of Coldplaying...don't know why I took so long to join!! It's great to see there's so many people who truly appreciate CP's greatness...I should say they deserve it. :wacky:

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