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Ticket Buying Strategy?


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So I've been to two coldplay shows so far (wish I could have gone to more) and I'm planning on going to the one in Charlotte, NC. Both times I've bought my tickets I've nearly thrown my computer out the window due to frustration. Both times I went for the pre-sale and queued my computer up to click on the buy tickets now button as soon as they were available. However, both times I have only been able to get seats about 18-20 rows back. Is there a secret of some sort to getting closer? I swear you have to bribe your way to get closer than 15 rows idk how these people do it. Any ideas?

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Definitely luck and some persistence. When it comes to Ticketmaster, they don't always release the best tickets right when the sale goes live. For example, when the Seattle show went live in the AMEX presale, I was pulling pretty mediocre seats. You have to be willing to not settle and just kept giving them up and re-trying. About an hour into the presale I grabbed front row aisle tickets in the section right next to the stage. It's all a crap shoot with Ticketmaster and Live Nation unfortunately...


This method didn't work for me in the Portland show, although that was through the venue's own ticketing system. I kept pulling up OK seats, but kept thinking I'd get better. I never did, so I'm just waiting until closer to the show to see if they release more tickets.

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