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(unfortunately cancelled) Coldplay song youtube project


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I subscribed to the videos of this guy quite a while ago.


This is what he recently added:



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEdClhi5uuY]Coldplay Paradise Cover - YouTube[/ame]


Youtube description:



Ok... so before you say anything... yes... yes, you're absolutely right. I DID, in fact, already do a cover of this song (http://bit.ly/paradise_youtube). So, why the new version? Well...... here's why. :)


A few months ago (just after releasing my first version of the song), YouTube wrote to say they loved my interpretation and asked if I'd like to take part in a project with the guys in Coldplay themselves. Essentially, a handful of YouTube artists were being asked to contribute versions of Coldplay songs, and with creative input from the band, those versions were gonna be used to create mash-ups of sorts. Basically my performance combined with Coldplay's performance combined with performances from other musicians, vocalists, etc.


So, being a long-time fan of Coldplay's work (like you, I'm guessing?), I happily joined in and got to work creating a new version... only this time, according to their instructions, setting it in the key and tempo of the original track and filming it as a full-blown music video. So, whereas my initial version is pretty slow/melancholy, this new version is much higher pitch-wise, more uptempo/intense, and (because we shot it in an incredible location)... cooler looking. :)


Anyway, after spending time arranging new piano parts, tracking, filming, etc... my video producer Morgan (whom I owe big-time for her work on this - thanks, Morgan... :)) turned everything over to them, and we....... waited. And, waited. Aaaaaaaand, waited. (can you tell where this is going?) So, yeah. After weeks and weeks of 'Your tracks are great! We'll be updating you soon!' we finally got the not-so-surprising email notifying us that due to creative differences within the organization (and I'm assuming within the band itself)... they decided to scrap the project.


So, what's the takeaway from all this? Well... if you're someone who's just starting out in music/entertainment/etc., I can tell you that this kind of thing is often... just the way it goes. The nature of the business, I guess. (seriously, trying to get creative types to agree on something is a lot like getting cats to walk in a parade... :)) But, if I've learned anything over the years, it's that you have to just make the best of it and head onto the next thing. Would the YouTube homepage thing have been nice? Absolutely. Based on the love 'Evergreen' (http://bit.ly/evergreen_youtube) got in December, it would have been great. (not to mention, woulda been cool to have Coldplay weigh in on my version :)) But, I don't fault the YouTube folk for anything, and we're really proud of how the video turned out.


And, most importantly... if you like it? (and hopefully think it's a nice changeup from the other videos I've done?) Well, hey... awesome. Well worth it.


So, there ya go. New version of 'Paradise' for ya. :) As always, thanks so much for your comments, shares, retweets, etc., and I hope you're doing great...




ps - we shot the video in the same house where Bon Jovi's 'Make A Memory' was filmed. Kinda cool to watch that and see the same backgrounds, etc. Granted, there's no famous-actress-girlfriend in my version, but hey... there's always next time, right? :)

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