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  1. turin990


    Am I really the only person who thinks this sound like brothers & sisters really badly??? i like it though :)
  2. I think this album is very much influenced by Gwyneth. The last two albums have been very "uncheesy" when it came to lyrics. I thought maybe chris didn't liking making songs with lyrics like shiver for example anymore. His ending with gwyneth could have inspired him to write cheesy songs again, (which I love btw). Songs like magic, always in my head and, anothers arms really sound like they're about lost love, aka maybe Gwyneth? Maybe this song "all your friends" is about all of her friends that he didn't like? You know she probably has some really bitchy hollywood friends. Sorry for the long
  3. turin990

    True Love

  4. I love it. They're being really brave with this big change, even though they have so many people to please. Coldplay have balls.
  5. I liked the clothes, but to me it's more personal if they wear the clothes they usually wear. I have feeling this album is going to be much more about the music than dressing up and things like that. Either way, I think this album is going to a good one..
  6. Is that a cigarette chilling on his ear?
  7. turin990

    Magic charts

    I think it could go either way. Either a number 1 single, or a single that most people won't ever know...
  8. turin990


    I knew it! This song is really good, I hope this becomes a popular single. The song "true love" sounds amazing already. So happy the new era has finally begun! :D :D :D YAY!
  9. turin990


    I really like this song! Can't wait for the album!
  10. I can't wait either. The most exciting time is when small clues of a new album start to pop up. I hope they make a beautiful album once again, though I still can't think of any way that they could make their live shows better ? can't wait! :D
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