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Coldplay’s Google+ page is the first to reach 1 million followers


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Coldplay’s Google+ page is the first to reach 1 million followers


While Britney Spears has set a blazing trail on Google+, as the first personal account to reach first 1 million, and then 2 million followers, when it comes to official Google+ pages, that accolade has just gone to British alternative rock band, Coldplay.


When it comes to Google+ pages, the figure is slightly skewed as it includes the number of people who have +1′d the page as well. But according to ZoomSphere, a social media statistics site, Coldplay was the first page to cross the 1 million follower mark.




Since the end of January, the page has almost doubled in followers with a huge growth spurt in just this past month.




Elsewhere in social media, Coldplay has 5.8 million followers on Twitter, a far cry from the top 10 with Lady Gaga leading with over 19 million followers. On Facebook, the official Coldplay page has 18 million followers, which also trails far behind the top 10 list.


Next in line on Google+’s top 10 most followed pages is yet another band. The official Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Google+ page has over 700,000 followers, followed by Pearl Jam, 106 and Park, Team Coco, ESPN, Sugarland, FC Barcelona, Train and Chelsea Football Club.


It’s interesting that out of the top 10 Google+ pages, four of them are mainstream bands, all of which fit into the alternative rock band genre, with not a single official Google-related page, or anything remotely geeky in sight for that matter. Google’s own official page has just over 170,000 followers, while the official Google+ page has just over 140,000.


Introduced in November, Google+ pages have been growing at an impressive rate, outpacing Twitter’s official brand accounts by about four times, but still lagging in comparison to Facebook.



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