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Are you going to be with your loved ones during Christmas?


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I'll spend Christmas with my parents, sister, grandma and some aunts and cousins. I suppose my aunt will come from Canary Islands and I'll see my cousins after 4 years!! :stunned: :stunned:

But it will be a bit strange because I used to spend part of the Christmas with my boyfriend's family and now that we're not together... :/

I'll have 3 days off-work and I'll try to meet some of my friends... :smug:

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Guest LiquidSky
hi ya Liquid! you sound so happy :-)


btw, happy b-day to ya. already wished ya on the main thread but still.... :kiss:


Hi, how are you? I just want my niece...I never see her..and my brother is bringing her..she is little, she is only 2 yrs old so...and she is my first niece so.. :D


btw, today is not my birthday ;) is on the Feb.15 :)

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ahh, yep, saw that you let us know about your b-day! lol


How am I? fine, i guess (you noticed how people have started asking questions and then answering their own questions? it's some dumb-ass routine that's gotten mainstream after our fecking Defense Secretary used it in his media briefings! lmao).


yep, i'm fine. but a lil horny and lil wanting of being with someone. is that an understandable feeling to have? :rolleyes:


gosh...i'm acting so weird on here today! i better go now! lmao


take care, Liquid girlie! :kiss: guess you'll be going to rosenberg (or am i confusing u with gingerag...she's in h-town also, rite?) i'm just in some other state of mind rite now. don't mind me. :D

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Guest LiquidSky

^ I guess it's okay to be feeling horny.. :lol:

and yes you are confusing me with my friend ginger... :)

Take care, talk to you soon, ciao :)

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