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Battle Of The Bands.


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Who won the last one?


Whoops. I missed the last one. I don't really listen to either of them, anyway, so I'm not too bothered. I probably would have went with Pearl Jam, though.


Pearl Jam won the last one defeating Kings of Leon comfortably.


I can't seem to find it on the page. :shrug:


Anyway, since Saket hasn't posted this yet, I might as well.


Round 2 has officially started. Day 1: RHCP vs. Radiohead. Vote here: https://www.facebook.com/questions/318549504896790/


Radiohead has a solid lead ATM.



Thanks for posting.. I was a bit caught up. And yes, Radiohead won.. by a HUGE margin.

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COLDPLAY VS U2! VOTE:http://www.facebook.com/questions/320752398009834/


Trust me if you guys don't vote for Coldplay, they will lose.


Oh and Foo Fighters won the last one.

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^ That's not surprising. U2 have been around since the '80s. Coldplay's debut came out in 2000. Surely, U2 is gonna have an edge over Coldplay.


Surprisingly, though, it's close. At the time I cast my vote, U2 was ahead by a mere 3 votes.


...Actually, if you count my vote, it'll be 2.

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