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Hello Coldplaying!


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Hey, don't really know what to say here (great start for being a new member!) but I have to say that me signing up here has been very very very loooooong overdue!


I've seen this place around and been following the Coldplaying Twitter for ages now too, but just never got around to signing up, as its been awhile since I properly used any forums now too! so hopefully this forum will be very welcome and hopefully the best forum I've ever been a part of :)


LukesterPlay probably isn't the best username I've ever thought of, as I've used the 'Lukester' nickname around the internet for many years now, with many variations of it such as Lukester15 for my YouTube and xLukesterx for my Twitter :P


I was previously a member on the GirlsAloudMedia forum (no guesses as to the group/band its about! ;D) and it was one of those places where you wish every fansite was like it, in terms of having a massive on-going collection of media and being able to contribute to it yourself too! which is another reason why I've been meaning to join Coldplaying, as it looks even more better than GAM is!


Anyway, about myself - I'm 21 years young :p and come from Fife, yes, the same area that Guy Berryman comes from! :D although I'm not from Kirkcaldy though, but its only a 20-30 minute drive away, so I'm very close still! ;)


Think I've rambled on enough already for this just being a 'welcome' thread, but yeah I hope to feel right at home here with the Coldplayers/Xylobrytes etc and if anyone wants to follow me on Twitter then feel free :) as its great having more and more Coldplayers following me, and also means I'm not the only person tweeting/spamming about Coldplay whenever they have a performance/concert on the TV/Internet :p

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^Oooooh, that's great :stunned:

So, welcome and have a great time here : )

Hahaha yeah its a pretty good 'claim to fame' sorta thing you could say ;) even if I have no relation to him (that I know of) I still live next to the town/city where Guy comes from :p


Thank you both for the welcomes too anyway :)

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