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Hey everyone! I have browsed these forums for a few years and I am just now registering. I've been a Coldplay fan since around 2003. My first concert was February 26th, 2006 in Dallas, Texas. It was a graduation and birthday gift from my mother. Since then I have attended a concert anytime they have come to Dallas. I live in Louisiana so driving 3 hours each time is worth it. My wife, mother and I are going to the American Airlines Center in Dallas once again to see them on the Mylo tour. Really excited about this tour and especially the xylobands. Though I put X&Y as my favorite album, I honestly cannot say for sure which one is my favorite. What I like about Coldplay is each album they bring something different to the table. They venture into places they had not gone before. Most bands tend to stick within their comfort zone. My ultimate goal is to one day meet the guys, own an instrument used by them and be on the front row. With all of that, hello and look forward to being here.

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