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Coldplay: 'We're not trying to impose a fascist regime'


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Coldplay: 'We're not trying to impose a fascist regime'

Chris Martin says he doesn't care of people don't like his band




Chris Martin has said it doesn't bother him if people don't like Coldplay because he's not trying to impose a "fascist regime".


The singer said: "For every new fan you get, you get another person who thinks you're shit. And, being British, we're always aware of both sides. So we try and put blinkers on." He added:


I don't care if someone doesn't like us, that's fine. Go watch TV or listen to Oasis. Whatever. It's music, not a fascist regime that we're trying to impose. It's completely fine not to like us.


In an interview with Concrete, Martin added that whenever the band write songs, they always have headlining Glastonbury in mind. "[Glastonbury] for us is as close as we can get to having a home, albeit one that only exists once a year," he said, adding, "when we’re writing and we’re putting stuff together, when we close our eyes, that is the view that we see.


"We've written an awful lot of acoustic things but in my head I’m always conscious of the Glastonbury stage. So the things that I don’t think would work there don’t make it."


Last week Coldplay revealed that the flashing LED wristbands used on their last tour cost the band £400,000 a night. Guitarist Jonny Buckland said that the flouro-light wristbands given to fans, which lit up during the performance, were more expensive than they bargained for:


"Every night I think it’s about £400,000! It looks amazing, it just makes everyone have a great time, most of all us and it just feels so magical…Even if you don’t like our music now, I would say come to the show just to see that – wear earplugs, bring a book and when the lights come on have a look!" he said.


The band are set to play the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic games on September 9.



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^NME wrote that ?! :facepalm: OMG, I could have written that! As you said, it's basically a bunch of quotes from previous articles and interviews put together. And they even repeat the confusion between Chris & Jonny about the wristbands! UGH :bomb:

Yes ...that thing about the wristbands is a lie!!! Phil tweeted: load of press coverage about (exaggerated) cost to us of our wristbands. One wristband = less than a pint of beer + much more fun! PH

It actually wasn't a lie, but something Chris said during an interview...but you know how reliable are the things Chris says during interviews :dozey:

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Nice NME :dozey:


And I liked the audio interview, thanks for posting. :)


Did you also have the feeling that Chris said "Alright thank you guys" when the interviewers were still talking? As if he wanted to stop?!

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