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Possibly an unreleased, Pre-MX song?

Lost Prospektor

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So I'm quite confused as to what this song might be, and I believe it's fairly rare. This, as the title says, is during the Christmas Lights period and so I would assume it has to do with Mylo Xyloto. Chris tries to get Jonny to play it with him but Chris gives up after messing up half way through the intro. :P Could it be Great Expectations or Car Kids?

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS-NYH8_Ce0]03/09 TROUBLE - COLDPLAY LIVE [HD] IN LIVERPOOL DEC 2010 - YouTube[/ame]

The Part I'm referring to starts at 4:00. Hopefully it is a hidden song and not one he's just covering, as Chris so often does.

Thanks Everyone!! :)

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