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Going to Minnesota. Where should I sit?


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Hi. My wife and I saw Coldplay in Miami and it was an amazing experience. I am taking her up to Minnesota to see them again for her birthday and I need some seating advice.


For the Miami show, we sat in FL4 and it was great (rear-right floor on an aisle). I was thinking about getting some Floor Center seats (by the satellite stage) but I am wondering if those are good seats for the times when they are not playing right there. For anyone who has sat there, can you still see the Main part of the stage or is the satellite stage so high that it is blocking your view (my wife is not particularly tall so I want to make sure that we can see the whole show; obviously it depends on who is in front of you but I want to make sure that the satellite stage is not so high that we are straining to look over it when they are on the main stage)?


What seats would you recommend?


Thanks again for your help.



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