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Women's doctors: Do you care about the sex of your doctor?


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I've had both female and male doctors, but some in different fields of doctors.. I've had a male doctor specifically for GYN who is probably one of the best doctors I've had. Generally, I prefer a female doctor, but if I had a health concern then gender of the doctor wouldn't matter. I'd just want a doctor who can help me and will listen to my health concerns..

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Sure we won't know exactly what it feels like, if that's what you care about, but in terms of giving advice? You think there's things a male doctor won't know?
No I don't think there are things a male doctor won't know, I'm simply saying (as you mention here) that by default (and obviously through no fault of their own) male docs don't know "what it's like". The OP is asking what we prefer and why. I'm just stating what I prefer and why.

Does a doctor need to have both his legs broken to treat a patient with broken legs?
Of course not.

I see that you're trying to make a comparison to what I'm saying, but that's no even a parallel comparison. You should instead ask, "does a doctor need to have legs (at all) to treat a patient with broken legs?" In which case I would still say of course not; but, a doctor with legs would likely be able to relate better to the patient.


In your first post you said even the world's smartest OB/GYN ever would not be as good as having simply any woman, because they don't relate to your womanly ways.
Please re-read my first post. I did not say that having any woman OB/GYN would be better than the world's smartest (male) OB/GYN. Heck, I even said I'd gladly take a male over a condescending lady doc.





I actually like debating with you Reilly; but debating with you is more enjoyable when you're not putting words in people's mouths. I know you can do better.

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