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Settings Every teardrop ?.... (line6 gear)


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Hi every one,


I really suck for several months to find the right settings on my line6 M13 and line6 pod hd pro to retrieve or to approach the "Every tear drop is a waterfall" sound ...,


anyone with this line6 gear could advise or help me ??


thanks a lot, cheers,



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i own an m13 line 6 and have come very close :)

im not near my guitar (in bed half asleep) but i can tell you roughly what i use.


Intro solo thing: Colordrive with a little over 50%. Use a little bit of reverb so its faint but there and analog chorus with low speed high mix and high depth.

Verse: color drive with delay (dotted 8th note) i think i turn reverb off but i can't remember

chorus: same thing as verse.


thats about it!



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