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Hey! New Coldplayfan/YouTube musician here :)


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Hey guys! I just joined the forums and I want to get to know you all better :D I spend alot of time on youtube posting videos and watching videos (especially Coldplay) :D If u wanna get in touch on YouTube or something, you can search for AverageJonas :) I created a 45 vocal track Fix You one man choir song you can check out if you want :D


I am from Norway btw :D Have a good day!

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Listened! You have a gorgeous voice! You hit the high notes perfectly and I love how you've done the video. You look like a younger (than current) Ashton Kutcher!


haha! Thank you so much for your feedback! :) Surprisingly I have heard that I look like Kutcher before:D haha! I wrote a more thorough post in the main Coldplay Band forum where I explained abit more the history behind why I chose Fix You and how I found Coldplay :D


link here: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5534299#post5534299



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