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The Innovation of Loneliness

Matter-Eater Lad

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Wow I closed the video after I watched half of it because NOTHING of what it said applies to me. And I spent almost my entire time in front of my PC LOL.

Although I seriously don't understand all this social network crap, why do people get addicted to it?


Jeez, if you get lonely, kill your facebook/tumblr/twitter/whatever the fuck there is, and get the fuck OUT.

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I don't have a facebook, and people think I am a psycho because of it. My thing is that I talk to the people I care about already. So I am good with my situation. I don't find that I need facebook or any other social media to bring my social networking to another level. I find that facebook has only ever caused drama in most of my friends lives. "You see what he/she put on their status update?" I mean come on haha.


I also dislike texting on my cellphone. I find it tedious, and annoying. I've written a piece for the college literary magazine (that too many people were offended by I guess so it didn't get published) emphasizing how ridiculous texting and cellphones have become in society. All I have to do is walk around my campus and see everybody focusing and typing away on their cellphones, staggering around like mindless zombies. No social interaction between anyone.


I find it ridiculous.


My rant is now over.


But hang on, I also heard awhile back on the radio that employers are now growing suspicious of applicants they can't find on facebook. It has now come to the point where if you're not on facebook, you have something you're hiding. Yikes.

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